Floor Plans


Make it Your Own

Because this space is home to so many of our valued friends, there are various floor plans to choose from for the best accommodation for anyone staying with us. Whether that is a simple but elegant one bedroom, or a little bit more such as a patio. Whatever needs you may have, let us find the space that is right for you or your loved one.



Designed for You

Assisted living can be easily understood as a type of care where our residents receive help with their daily activities from our staff. These activities may include managing medications, personal hygiene, dressing, mobility, and restroom use. In addition, an assisted living community also provides other essential components such as meal services, housekeeping, transportation to medical appointments, recreational activities, and social interactions. We invite you to schedule a tour and speak with our administrator to understand the care level and amenities provided.


Spacious & Eloquent

Grand Manor provides an enticing opportunity for senior citizens who value their independence and desire to maintain a private residence while enjoying various campus amenities and services. Our independent living residents also benefit from meals, housekeeping, medical transportation, lawn maintenance, social interaction, and an emergency call system. Furthermore, all of our garden homes or cottages are designed to be accessible to wheelchairs and one-level. While square footage and prices vary based on location, all our units include a fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, and a spacious single-car garage.


Coming Soon

Grand Manor recognizes the unique nature of every individual experiencing acute dementia or Alzheimer’s. Our mission is to offer compassionate care and support, combined with patience and persistence while assisting each resident with their daily activities. We aim to create a secure, encouraging, well-organized, and loving environment for those residents who need this care.